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How your donations, online store purchases and getting your daily coffee from our funding coffee shop supports The Happy Bean Project:

1. Operations: A portion of the profits help with supply costs for our outreach events and day to day operations. Cups, coffee, water, permits, fees, fuel, flavors, ect.

2. Growth: A large portion goes towards saving for our downtown FREE location. The goal is to open a free coffee shop in downtown Houston that will be for people to get coffee and help. We will have computers with people working to help them apply for jobs, housing or medical help. Also the shop will have free group therapy. This is a large cost so we will be working on writing grants to help this become a reality quicker. Any and all help to make this happen is appreciated!!

3. Community: Although our projects focus is helping people with mental health issues that are homeless, a portion of our profits go towards helping people we meet in our community that are not homeless and just need a little help to get back on there feet. Please message us if you are a family in need.



The Happy Bean Project accepts donations from coffee businesses around the world. At each donation event The Happy Bean Project serves a new brand of coffee that was donated to our project. This makes it less about the coffee and more about the mission. Also helps with costs for the project so we can reach more struggling people. Lastly it involves other small businesses to participate in a charitable project. This way other small coffee shops get exposure for helping people suffering with mental illness, people on the streets and the homeless community living in shelters.