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The Happy Bean Project takes a simple concept of connecting though coffee and furthers that connection into pairing people living on the street and people suffering with mental health issues to resources that are already available.
We are a 501c3 nonprofit veteran operated charitable coffee project. We currently have a funding coffee trailer located at 111 Plantation Dr Lake Jackson Texas, that helps fund our outreach events in Harris County and our community events in Brazoria County.

Our team of volunteers go to homeless shelters, mental health facilities and the streets to serve coffee food, clothing and hygiene donations. Through coffee we are able to show those in need that we care about them. Giving them hope and a person to talk to while sipping coffee. The goal is to save lives. To help prevent suicide and to get people talking about mental health through coffee.

As we grow, we are dedicated to connecting local veterans, people suffering with mental health issues and people without homes with a network of mental health resources and any other services they may need. This starts by serving quality coffee and forming strong relationships in the community.