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March Update

We are working on getting a little piece of land and making the funding coffee shop a shipping container (CONX) as a double drive thru in either Lake Jackson, Clute, or Angleton.

Why we need to move:

Hope Fellowship Church (our current location) has been AMAZING with helping us get established and getting word of our project out. However, we can not stay there forever so we are currently looking for a small piece of land so we can have a permanent location for the funding coffee shop.

The trailer has also been a great low cost way to fund our project. However, we have out grown the trailer and need more room for our funding staff to work. We are thinking a shipping container (conX) double drive thru! This will create more work space for our future baristas and free up our time to work on the out reach efforts!

If you see land for sale in these areas please send a picture of the number and address!!

If you know anyone who would want to donate a shipping container or shed for us to make the permanent funding coffee shop that would help a lot!